As a grandma, I am always looking for fun and unique toys for my grandkids. Morphonauts fit the bill! I bought all 3 for my grandson's birthday's and they loved playing with these "cool toys"!


My son Cannon absolutely LOVES his Morphonauts! He likes to mix and match his 'nauts to see how many combinations and powers he can give them.  Such a fun toy for him to play with!! We can't wait until more figure are available!


We love Morphonauts! My boys love that they can mix and match all the pieces and see all the different creations they can make.  I love that Morphonauts keep them entertained for a long time. All of my son's friends love them too! We can't wait until more come out.  The APP is hours of fun too!

Jessica White (mom of 3 boys)

My son is 7 with some special needs. He loves building things with his hands.  He loves Morphonauts and can't wait for the other models to come out!

Kellie Creagar

My son is obsessed with his Morphonauts! He has all 3 and I love how creative he gets as he creates new guys & names them.  He has so much fun finding all the metal surfaces in our house and everywhere that he can play on. They keep him entertained for hours!


Our family went to Bear Lake this year for our family trip.  My husband and I decided to take some Morphonauts along to see how our nephews would react.  To our surprise it didn't just attract our nephews but also our niece's! They played with the toys all week long!