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The General Brick Style

  • $30.00

-3D printed in custom resin mixture for strength

-Shipped in padded box inside of padded envelope


Fully Assembled Figure ($30)

Get a fully assembled figure by the creator of the product.  You can be assured the figure will come fully assembled how it was meant to be.

Unassembled Figure ($25)

Do you have what it takes to assemble the figure yourself?  Save some money and put the figure together yourself.   You should be a skilled toy customizer or hobbyist for this option.  You will need to heat up the parts that have a cavity for assembly.  

Figures are designed for light play and posing for display.  The design has joint strength in mind to avoid breaks but because it is 3D printed, We cannot refund or replace figures that get loose over time or are broken with excessive play.  However we will work with you and can get replacement parts upon purchase of a different or duplicate figure.

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