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Battle Bots 2-PACK

  • $20.00

Fully Assembled Figures (2 for $20)

These figures are 3D printed and come fully assembled.  They both are equipped with a blaster which is compatible with other brick figures. The feet are compatible with other popular brick toys and can attach to a brick stud.

 Figure Features

The battle bots have advanced articulation and are compatible with other popular brick toys.  

These figures are high in detail and are 3D printed in strong durable resin but does not have the strength of factory plastic.  Because it is 3D printed, We cannot refund or replace figures that get loose over time or are broken with excessive play.  However we will do our best to make sure you get a quality figures that you can enjoy and will try to work with you if it was somehow damaged in shipping.


Each figure is shipped in a padded box that is inside of a padded envelope for extra protection during shipping.


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